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Dec 13, 2011 6:00am EST
overnight. new allegations surrounding jerry sandusky. our sister station whp is reporting he coached the colleging pennsylvania as recently as last year, despite his failing a background check there. two players said he coached in secret from the pressbox. here is manuel gallegos to report these allegations come as he gets ready to go to court. >> reporter: jerry sandusky will face his accusers for the first time later today. as many as 10 men who accuse him of sexually abusing them when they were children will testify against him. sandusky's lawyer says his client is dreading the hearing. >> he is going to have to sit in a courtroom with a couple of hundred people i understand it is going to be filled to capacity, including members of his family and friends, who are going to listen to some of these young men say horrific things occurred between them and jerry. >> reporter: cbs news has learned mike mcqueary is scheduled to testify for the prosecution. the former penn state assistant coach who told a grand jury he saw sandusky in a locker room shower at the university having sex with
Dec 12, 2011 6:00am EST
full scale debate set for this thursday , the 13th. former penn state assistant coach, jerry sandusky will face many of his accusers at a preliminary hearing. there are questions about what mike saw in penn state's shower room in 2002. now the patriot news is reporting a family friend of mcqueary says he told them he never saw anything sexual take place after hearing something strange going on. >>> paterno is recovering from a fall. he fractured his pelvis, doctors say he will not need surgery. he is undergoing chemotherapy for treatable lung cancer. >>> the ravens are starting this day at the top of not just the afc knot but the entire -- north but the entire afc. >> reporter: the ravens maybe the best team in the afc. no doubt the indianapolis colts are the worst. that mismatch played out as expected. for the first time ever against the colts, ravens had the better qb, manning is hurt. joe flacco threw two passes. terrell sacked three times forcing three fumbles and ends up a routine ravens beatdown of a bad team, 24-10 the final. we got to keep it rolling. championship teams, they
Dec 9, 2011 6:00am EST
for him. don't forget we have updates here at >>> we are hearing from the wife of jerry sandusky, dotty sandusky has released a statement saying the allegations are not true. he was released on bail yesterday and is now back under house arrest. he is due back in court next week. >>> here beltway commuters listen up, a new speed camera is coming to catch your speeding. wjz and monique griego are live there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. drivers will get a short three week grace period before that camera starts ticketing drivers in january. they are set up in scruption zones, if you blink you blink you might miss them. >> they were mine and i owned them -- earned them i should say. >> they will be there now where a new overpass is being constructed. >> follow the law and you won't have a problem. >> it follows the death of workers. >> we want them to be safe and slow down an be attendant. >> they will get a grace period, then you will get a notice but no tickets before fines start january third. >>> and including this new camera there are 4 in work zones in baltimore cou
Dec 14, 2011 6:00am EST
has been fired. he won't be prosecuted since the statute of limitations have run out. >>> jerry sandusky's attorneys surprised the courtroom yesterday. here is manuel gallegos said this. >> we will wait for our side. >> his lawyers said he waited until the last minute because he wanted prosecutors to agree to share vital information and also to spare his client from further accusations. >> all you would have heard would have been their case, not our case because that is not the time. >> his attorney says this is a fight to the death and there will be no plea bargain. the prosecution says it is ready to move on to a full trial. >> it will allow us to promptly advance the prosecution in this case to a just conclusion. >> several of the 10 men who accuse sandusky of sexual abuse were set to testify. victim number 4 was supposed to tell his story first. his lawyer read a statement from his frustrated client. >> i can't believe they put us through this until the last second only to waive the hearing. >> sandusky remains under house arrest until his trial sometime next year. in belfo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4